Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thing-a-week: Tastefully nekkid

No, not me -- the model at the lifedrawing class at Harcourt House!

Sure, I've drawn my shoes in art class, and sketched trees outside, but my life-drawing experience is really quite pitiful. To develop my drawing skills and better understand human anatomy, I've decided to start going to life-drawing sessions in town.

On Thursday, I went to my first session ever-ever, at Harcourt House (a neato art co-op) with sketcher extraordinaire Mike Kendrick! Armed with a too-tiny pad of newsprint and various writing utensils, I drew until I could draw no more.

Three hours, with two five-minute breaks (why didn't I bring snacks?), and strangely, I fatigued well before the model. I'm pretty sure she could've kept going, even though she held some pretty dynamic postures for increments of 30-seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes and 5 minutes.

The sketches below represent a range of time frames, although it's pretty obvious that the better ones came from the longer periods.

Wow, was it ever tough. It's actually really hard to 
presented, rather than extrapolating other angles that your mind is aware of, but your eyes can't technically perceive. And the relationships between parts of the body can be really tough to master. I think I make thighs and forearms much longer than they actually are. Time to re-train my brain!

As always, don't miss Mike's Thing-a-Week! His griffin is just lovely, although his sketches from the life-drawing class were more than blog-worthy!

If you didn't check out his neato dinosaurs from last week, make sure to do that, too. You may even get a chance to see them in the flesh at July's Whyte Ave Art Walk (that is, if they don't sell first!).


  1. I didn't get to see many of yours at the studio, so I'm glad you posted these. Awesome work! It's really interesting how we both ended up focusing on such different details while looking at the exact same model.

  2. Great sketches lady! I think you did really well! You've done a lot of abstract kind of stuff so it's interesting to see your 'real life' kind of art. I think doing different stuff will help you grow as an artist for sure. But yeah, they are really well done, I'm curious to see more of this style.

    Also, you should totally buy an old anatomy book. It's all super gross and weird but the pictures in those are dramatic and I just love 'em. Might be an interesting way to practice while there aren't nudies around.