Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coming to a billboard near you!

So, it's official: I snagged a spot in the competition! Very exciting. I was one of three winners, including my friend Karen Bishop, an Edmonton watercolorist and new gallery owner (

In coming weeks, my painting ("Bubbles") will appear on billboards across Alberta. So, many thousands of people will see my work!

As an emerging artist, this is a pretty big deal -- this kind of exposure is tough to find. Naturally, I can't expect everyone will like my work, but I'm hoping my image will offer a few stressed out motorists and pedestrians a moment of peace. Or, at the very least, provide some colour on dreary, winter-weary Alberta streets. March can be a really ugly month in
Alberta, thanks to the accumulation of sand and gravel on city streets, gray skies and blustery snow-filled days. And, unlike the start of winter -- when new snow has a certain amount of novelty -- we're damn sick of the white stuff by the time March rolls around.

So, a little art scattered in public places makes a lot of sense to me!

I'll post pics of the billboards when they're up. I expect it'll be pretty surreal when it happens.

Thanks again for all of your made this happen!

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