Monday, March 14, 2011

Cat vs. Easel vs. Artist

Although hardly a year old, my easel looks as if it was rescued from an elementary art room. It's covered in paint, sure, but it's also held together with green painter's tape. It's been this way since a month after I bought it, when a certain tuxedo cat tried to climb it and it came crashing down on the hardwood floor.

Well, I presume that's what happened. I found it later that day in a heap, with one of the adjustable wooden slider-thingies in two pieces. This is a 6-ft tall easel, and not inexpensive, so I've kept it, partly out of pride (can't let the cat win!) and partly thinking I'd actually fix it (yeah, right).

The culprit.
But chances are good that my attempt to fix it would be in vain, anyway. The cat's taken to rubbing against the easel's legs (especially that dodgy third leg) and bumping canvases onto the floor. It's a bad scene. He's seriously cruising for a bruising.

But here's the good news: I'm still managing to paint quite large pieces, in spite of my precarious studio set-up. I finished a new painting today, in fact! It's 4-ft wide and about 2.5-ft tall.

I'm still not sure what to title it -- any suggestions?

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