Monday, May 9, 2011

Thing-a-week: Spring!

Some people think that those of us who work from home spend our days lingering in independent coffee shops or hanging out with the garden gnomes in the backyard.

Not so. Being a work-from-home creative type has it's perks, for sure (PJs, pets, and Judy Judy on my lunch break), but most days are spent in my home office, glued to a computer screen from 8-5pm, like everyone else.

Like anyone else, I'd love to be frolicking outside, now that it's finally spring here in Edmonton. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and it's getting harder and harder to stay focused.

This week's post is a wee pen-and-ink/watercolour doodle, with a little digital magic on the side.

It wasn't meant to express my spring fever, but it's pretty obvious, I think.

Now, back to work! Time to close the blinds and pretend it's cold outside!

My pal Mike Kendrick's Thing-a-Week isn't up yet, probably because he's had a whirlwind weekend (read his blog for the deets!), but I'm sure it will be soon. Don't miss it - he's a talented dude:

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