Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thing-a-week, yoga & new schemes

Going Deeper (digital painting)
You may recall that last month, I attempted to give up chocolate. Not really for Lent, since I'm not religious, but a spring challenge.

Well, I failed that challenge -- with flying colours. Ten days into it I could no longer resist the mini eggs sitting in the kitchen. With a couple of noms, and a big cup of coffee, they were gone.

This month, I've renewed my commitment to improved health in the new year, this time with a 30-day yoga challenge at my yoga studio. Since April 1, I've gone to a yoga class every day. So far, so good!

Yoga was also the inspiration for my Thing-a-Week. Although I've been painting a lot lately, I decided to do some digital art this time around.

Like me, my Thing-a-Week buddy Mike Kendrick was a little late with his this week. But he has a good excuse: three major term papers. Me? I was just...pooped. No good excuse for me, I'm afraid. Hopefully it was worth the wait!

I'm off to catch up with some writing, but I'll post again soon with news about the Art Upon Request billboard initiative and my first official give-away. 

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