Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thing(s)-a-week: 'Gettin' er done' edition

The trouble with being creative, is that the to-do list is always getting longer. Even on my most productive weeks, I'm crossing off as many items as I'm adding!

This week, for instance, a couple of paintings were hardly off the easel before ideas for new paintings were popping into my head. I've been poring over art books for inspiration for weeks and the ideas have been percolating.

On Friday, I met with my lovely web designer to talk about redevelopment for both of my sites ( &, and thanks to some great ideas she had, I've got a bunch of prep work to do (including upgrading a paypal account, creating images especially for the site, etc.).

My brain was already full when I headed to a Night of Artists (NOA) meeting on Saturday afternoon at Expressionz Cafe. Now, I've got a small tile to paint for a large mural project, an invitation list to compile, and other prep work to do in advance of the NOA magazine launch event on May 26 & 27, and the actual NOA event this fall (stay tuned for the deets!).

But, here's what I did get done -- two paintings, 12x16 each, acrylic on canvas.  Both are actually revamped paintings. I'd been quite unhappy with them and left them sitting in my basement storage room for a few months.

I still haven't finished the large painting I began a couple of weeks ago, but it's on my ever-growing to-do list! On top of some painting goals for the week, I've got a couple of illustration assignments on the go. 

Well, onwards and upwards! Time to tackle that list.

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