Sunday, February 20, 2011

So many things!

So, before I delve into my Thing-a-Week, I want to thank everyone who left comments for me over at As of 7:44pm Sunday, Feb.20, I was sitting at third place -- which would be enough for me to be chosen for the billboard campaign, since the organizers have decided to choose three pieces of art, instead of two.

But, I'm not holding my breath. Studies show that oxygen is actually a fundamental part of brain health and with so much on my plate, I need every brain cell I can get. So, tomorrow I'll deliver the verdict on the competition.

On with this week's thing!

Bubbles 3, 22 x 30", acrylic on canvas

For now, I'm calling this one 'Bubbles 3,' but that may change (it's a bit lack-lustre). The idea for the piece came from the goalie of my partner's hockey team, who noted that she loved Bubbles, but would have preferred a piece without the woman, and only bubbles.

So, on Saturday, I grabbed a brand-new, 22X30" gallery wrapped canvas, peeled back the plastic to reveal the delicious smell of pine and virgin canvas, and got to work!

It was actually quite a productive week, in terms of painting. I also painted a brand-new triptych ("Ready for Spring") for a silent auction for a non-profit organization called Camp fYrefly. I've actually been donating art to the group for the last three years.

In addition to the triptych, I donated another piece called Body of Water.

This week was actually a double-whammy in terms of silent auctions: I donated another piece, Tree Birth, to the Parkland Institute (a University of Alberta research institute and an editing client of mine).
Ready for Spring, three 8 x 10" cavas panels, acrylic

Each year, I give regular financial contributions to the Edmonton Humane Society and Plan Canada. I wish I could give to more organizations, so in lieu of cash, I donate artwork to be sold at fundraisers.

However, with a few art events coming up in the next few months, I'll have to be a bit more cautious with my inventory. At the end of May, I'll be showing my work at the Night of Artists (NOA) magazine launch, and I'll be attending Expressionz Cafe in April. I'll post more information about these events closer to the date.

Anyway, that seems like more than enough for a Sunday night blog post (I think it's time I start writing twice a week)! Onwards and upwards.

As usual, check out my blog buddy Mike Kendrick's Thing-a-Week. He's a talented guy and, after having a chance to finally meet him in person on Friday, I can confidently attest to his conversational skills, too! We both worked at the U of A student newspaper, the Gateway, but in different years. So, while we knew of each other and connected via Facebook, we didn't really "meet" until two days ago.

Alright! I'm officially gone! Thanks for reading!

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