Sunday, January 30, 2011

This week's (unfinished) thing

It's been a helluva week! Oodles of writing deadlines and school work. Had to fight the urge to hibernate but, with some help from yoga and too many cups of coffee, I managed to stay on track. No loafing for moi.

That said, there wasn't tons of time for my Thing-a-Week. Since I was clearly deluded about my schedule, I started a large painting (it's about 2-ft wide and 4-ft tall), and didn't finish. I've been very conservative with my paint usage this time, in an attempt to have more wiggle room with editing it. At the moment, I'm unhappy with the expression of my figure, as well as her lower hand. It doesn't suggest a sleeping posture, as I'd intended -- nor does her facial expression. And, there's something out of proportion with the shadowed side of her face. And don't get my started about that flower. Bah!

I'll likely repost this in a few days with some design improvements and finishing embellishments. :)

Mike Kendrick had a busy week too, but his Thing-a-Week is snazzy. That Bunny Boss will haunt my dreams tonight.


  1. Hey, at least you ponied up and posted your "way too ambitious" project this week. Mine's still in hiding ;)

    As usual, totally jealous of your painterly skills. You've got a really consistent style that I'm liking a whole lot. Looking forward to seeing the final product on this.