Friday, January 28, 2011

My art...on billboards?

Bubbles, by Caitlin Crawshaw (Acrylic on canvas)
If you're like me, you loathe redundant, obnoxious billboard ads around town. Some are tacky; others are downright unsightly.

Art Upon Request is an Alberta campaign that will place art by local artists on billboards across the province. While a drive home from work will never be like a walk through a gallery, this project will offer a brief reprieve for your eyeballs.

There's a social media element to this, too -- pieces will be selected based on how many comments their pieces receive on the website. Since there's only two artists can win, competition is stiff.

As you've probably assumed by now I've entered a piece of my own ("Bubbles") and I'm super thrilled to see today that I've got the second-highest number of comments. However, this could change very quickly, so I'm still soliciting comments until Feb.20, when the competition closes.

I'm hoping you'll help and leave a comment here.

If you like this piece, would you ask pals and family to do the same? As an emerging artist, this could mean big things for me!

Anyone can vote, so if you've got pals outside of the province, they can also make a difference.

Many thanks! :)


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