Monday, July 18, 2011

Thing-a-week: Art Walk hangover

After three days sitting in the sun, painting and chatting, I feel like I've been run over by a truck. It's mostly a good pain - like that muscle burn you get after working out a ton. But I still feel like I could sleep for a week.

But, there's no sleep for the creatively inclined. Tomorrow, I'll spend my morning setting up at Northlands in advance of the Capital Ex show I'm doing with my Night of Artists Peeps. I'll also drop off several artworks to The Daffodil Gallery, for a post-Art Walk holdover show! A dozen-ish artists from the festival will be appearing in the gallery for the first time, including yours truly.

I've got lots of new art coming down the pipe too - will post later this week!

As always, check out Mike Kendrick's blog - the guy did fantastically well at his first Art Walk this weekend! And not surprisingly - his stuff is solid gold!

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